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Plastic tubas

Tubas or simply tubes represent unique and very comfortable rational packing, and the word tubas occurs from the British language and is translated not on another as a pipe. Tubas consist of 4 bodies: 1. Cylinder flexible. It has the cylindrical read more

When it is not visible having merged at a sink…

We contemplated so many sinks of the most various forms and the sizes that we, perhaps, can be called the judges who have tasted taste. But whatever non-trivial were the models of sinks, they everything are connected воединыжды by one common feature – existence read more

About a tree in a bathroom

Wood furnish is often used in modern interiors. Agree, the decor topped with a natural structure of a natural tree, looks very comfortably and presentably. Certain especially courageous designers use a tree even for bathroom equipment furnish. Yes, wood read more

Other fittings 10

In last articles we considered quite ordinary devices of direct act. Mechanical safety valves. Now we will get acquainted with the device of indirect act. Its design and mechanisms of work are more fascinating. Time the device not direct act, means, it should read more

Protection against a freezing 13

In comments such system as emergency having merged is mentioned. Truly, such decision exists, and it is quite excellent. In general, this reception is applied very much long since. However, it is possible to note and a certain difference. Earlier, it was usually read more

Hermetic for pipes

Hermetic for pipes Probably those much of number who was engaged in repair or substitution of cranes faced that after a pakovka (assembly) of the crane on carving a pipe and the crane connection there is a leakage. I too faced not so long ago similar discrepancy read more

Stages of polgy repair in a bathroom

Bathroom repair - not only only desire to save up money. To execute repair of a bathroom is means to embody the requirements and desires completely, without foreign representation and taste, without loss of a large quantity of nervous cages from viewing read more

Other fittings 14

Everything is excellent at such necessary devices, as turnaround valves. Only their design quite powerful and weight solid. To get rid of these defects, invented their facilitated models, so called interflange turnaround valves. The thought in general usual read more

Clearing filters for prochtny water

Presently the question of pollution of the environment costs in particular sharply. Using tap or ground water, for the person waits an abundance of troubles: turbidity, the highest level of the rigidity, different smacks and smells, bacteria and bacteria read more

Installation of metalplastic pipes

To establish system with introduction of metalplastic pipes, avoiding at all this emergence of the covered defects, it is necessary to adhere to several rules - to cut a pipe special scissors, to create installation at plusovy temperature, to use the clips read more