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This suitable subject – a bidet

What is the bidet now knows actually everyone. And after all as early as years twenty-thirty back our absolutely unpampered comfort fellow citizens tested actually a nightmare if abroad they had to face this achievement of a civilization. Here also left: what read more

Flaminia – elite Italian bathroom equipment

Flaminia - elite bathroom equipment. The exclusive distributor of Flaminia factory on the district of the Russian Federation - JSC TD Zolotoy Keith. Flaminia - the world favourite on production of luxury bathroom equipment. Always available. www.ceramicaflaminia read more

Other fittings 18

The attentive reader should direct attention that actually for though what type of fittings there are devices which are put in action not in a manual mode, or not only only in manual and by means of drives. Quite often it is connected with what manually to read more

Comfort – the greatest!

You prefer to luxuriate in a heat bath in a counterbalance to quick spolaskivaniye under a shower? Nevertheless, this shower probably is available in your bathroom. Whatever one may do, but from time to time it is difficult to find time for bath read more

Advantages of plastic pipes and types of connection

Iron pipes for household pipelines till nedavneshny time were, the most extensively applied material. In the majority of starenky apartments there are specifically such pipes. Steel – a cheap and strong material, apparently, the best candidate for pipes read more

Septic tanks as unique cleaning of sewage

Discrepancy on carrying out cleaning of sewage is essential, basic and very modern, after all such situation appears in though to what field of activity of the person, as at the enterprise, in the personal house, production and in reservoirs. At the solution read more

My water supply system and ditch

Presently it is already heavy to present for itself the house without plumbing and sanitary. Even in villages people started to put in order the houses, to do plumbings and sanitary. Sweat and I decided to be engaged in such business. At first I planned where read more

Apartment water supply – all zany!

Occasionally what repair does without substitution of pipes of water supply and the sewerage. If you wish, that again mounted systems were not only only harmless and comfortable in operation, except actually pipes, do not forget to get device which in the read more

60 seconds of work: shutdown automatic

The based activity of the Kopfgescheit company is a development of new technologies in the field of the modern sanitary electric equipment. All devices leaving under the Kopf trademark, pass careful test, on it the highest quality of production of the company read more

Other fittings 12

In last article we already noted that on old ordering the turnaround valve called the elevating valve. It was connected with the most vserasprostranenny design of such devices. On fig. 1. the scheme of operation of that elevating valve is shown. read more