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Protection against a freezing 13

In comments such system as emergency having merged is mentioned. Truly, such decision exists, and it is quite excellent. In general, this reception is applied very much long since. However, it is possible to note and a certain difference. Earlier, it was usually neotklonimy operation by preparation of a country or garden house for winter. Pipes then Continue reading

With a guarantee!

With a guarantee!
Even buying production of the untwisted brands, we, to chagrin, are not always insured from a bad product. Here it is possible to carry both fakes, and a production defect and models which fail, slightly comes to the end guarantee period. In particular it is unpleasant, if it concerns the tool, after all it always breaks at the most inappropriate Continue reading

Teploizoyaltsiya of pipes – materials and installation, a part 1

Teploizoyaltsiya of pipes - materials and installation, a part 1
What to do, if the water pipe was chilled? Anything, only to change! To frosts all the same, pipes are made of what material – qualitative покрытыя by zinc steel or cheap metalplastic, the frost is capable to "break off" any pipe with similar ruthlessness. Your pipes to "keep" few years without additional warming? Races on races Continue reading

Warming of pipes in the personal house

Winter season which all from us suppresses, in particular those who lives in houses or country houses. Cost is warm clearly that darling and consequently it is warmly necessary to keep, and that it is necessary to make it the best isolation, reliable warming of windows and doors etc. Such makary, in the market already everything is types of materials Continue reading

Thermoisolation of pipes – materials and installation, a part 2

Thermoisolation of pipes - materials and installation, a part 2
Glass wool asks additional external insulators – rolled materials – roofing material, fiber glass fabric. It, in turn, can lead to additional temporary and material expenses. It is necessary to see that additional insulators are often included in a set of glass wool.

Basalt heat insulators or «basalt fiber» are quite good that at their laying Continue reading

Protection against a freezing 15

In modern houses and apartments still there is one weak place. Weak, it proceeding from belief of a probable freezing. It is ventilation. Such it was possible to behold and in starenky houses where the compulsory supply and exhaust ventilation is not present and in mention. It is possible to remember Russian systems of ventilation, in my opinion, them Continue reading

Protection against a freezing 14

We dealt with a ditch. There if it will be necessary heating installation, only pipes. In personal sewer systems, a septic tank and other, the heating of capacities is not required. The nature which when processing sewage allocates enough heat that anything at us did not freeze there works. However, to provide activity of microbes, special measures Continue reading

Laying of isolation

Laying of isolation
Heatinsulating mats, plates, segments, fonts and all others for earlier formed insulating materials should be laid in one or pair of layers, their edges should adjoin densely to each other, and seams of each layer and boundaries should be as appropriate shifted by 2 layers. At detection of inevitable ruptures of a continuity in the laid material Continue reading

Protection against a freezing 12

To readers of previous article could seem that I am the opponent of warming of pipelines. It at all so. Pipes are necessary for warming. And not only only on the street, and and in rooms. From time to time happens it is useful to have the warmed passable pipes of heating, somewhere in a cellar or a corridor. Such makary we reduce heatreturns, and means Continue reading