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Visually -
How many time said to the world that a shower it is not simple a watering can with a nozzle. On the contrary, this ordinary subject can own very non-trivial design. Well, the world, and is more exact, designers listened, and now they do the most various models on though what taste. Now the shower can be small and huge, horizontal and vertical, nozzles can even be built in a ceiling!

Not very long ago the shower watering can of a square form was registered on something revolutionary, but at present it gives way to the brand new hero – Visually -
to a round shower. It looks is simple and plain, but it is quite beautiful, after all the watering can "is not adhered" to a hose, and is established directly on a wall by means of tiny and actually imperceptible fastening.

As example of that freshest decision the shower of "Rod" can serve in design of bathroom equipment from the Ponsi company. Perhaps, fans of all new and unusual should estimate the offer.

Updated: 16 октября, 2015 — 12:14 пп