Рубрика: Stone Matrix Asphalt. Theory and Practice

Determination of Compliance of a Tested Sample with a Recipe

After extraction, the result of each sample is compared with admissible deviations on test sieves and soluble binder content. A mix may be regarded as compatible with a recipe when all its components are within admissible tolerances. Table 14.2 depicts an excerpt of Table A.1 of Annex A of the standard demon­strating admissible deviations from […]

G eneral Guidelines for a Control System of Production Homogeneity

The guidelines for controlling production homogeneity are made up of the following two parts: • Control of compliance with a recipe, accomplished by establishing an oper­ation compliance level (OCL), which is a variable index that estimates the production accuracy and indicates the appropriate mixture test frequencies • Control of production variability through determining a running […]


In the European system of standardization of asphalt mixtures according to the series of standards EN 13108, the issues of control and quality assurance have been deliberated in EN 13108-21:2006 Bituminous Mixtures—Material Specifications— Part 21: Factory Production Control (with Amendment AC/September 2008). This standard contains an outline of requirements regarding the system of quality assur­ance […]