Distributing of pipes

Distributing of pipes
Distributing of pipes of a water supply system begins with installation of spherical cranes. The crane should be high-quality: to be able to maintain the highest pressure (60 atmospheres), the highest temperature (to 150-200 degrees on Celsius). In case of a leakage the spherical crane blocks water supply therefore if the crane not high-quality, failure of devices threatens with a flood.

After spherical the crane it is established, filters of rough cleaning, the water counter, filters of narrow cleaning, a collector and a pressure reducer are put. Filters are necessary to protect pipes and sanitary devices from iron particles, scales and sand.

The reducer of pressure is used for protection of sanitary devices and a water supply system against pressure differences.

Distributing of pipes
Mission of a collector – a uniform rassredotachivaniye of water from the pipeline to consumers. The collector can contain to 4 exits for sanitary devices if devices more than 4, the collector with additional branches steals up or two collectors braid between themselves. At repair of a bathroom it is recommended to use regulating collectors. In case there will be a leakage, you can always block water, without disconnecting all water supply system.

On everyone сантех. the device is required a separate pipe for water supply (without useless connections). A collector establish on cool and hot pipes after reducers of pressure and filters of cleaning of water.

Pipes connect to the help of a fitting. A fitting divides on being pressed and kompressionny.

Distributing of pipes
When using a kompressionny fitting, connection are reached at the expense of strong pressure which appears at crackdown on a blooming ring. To establish kompressionny connection special tools it is not required. Installation to be carried out by means of the 2nd wrenches.

Essentially to create distributing of metalplastic pipes without excessive (additional) connections. It is necessary to try whole "thread", to lay pipes from collectors to sanitary devices. It is caused by that the protyazhka of an additional kompressionny fitting further can be demanded. If pipes keep within a floor or are locked by a tile, will perform similar operation in the presence of excessive connections is labor-consuming.

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