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This suitable subject – a bidet

What is the bidet now knows actually everyone. And after all as early as years twenty-thirty back our absolutely unpampered comfort fellow citizens tested actually a nightmare if abroad they had to face this achievement of a civilization. Here also left: what to do – it is absolutely not clear, and to ask – awkwardly.

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Bidet prefix – the good decision for hygiene!

Frenchmen even more than 300 years ago which entered at once into active introduction by aristocrats became inventors of a bidet. Appearance of the device essentially exchanged eventually, and now became the usual tray reminding a toilet bowl. Already then the principle of work of a bidet was developed. Here therefore already you will surprise nobody Continue reading

Bidet installation by the hands.

Before installation of a bidet it is necessary to know that they happen 2 types: with ascending water flow and ordinary. Also as well as toilet bowls, they can be with horizontal, vertical and slanting release. Here therefore at a choice of a hotimy form it is necessary to consider and the provision of a bell of the sewerage.

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And now – water procedures!

And now - water procedures!
Say what to save up on for itself it is impossible. In particular it is correct, if there is a speech about health and hygiene. Here only the sizes of our bathrooms often do not allow to establish such comfortable and useful thing as bidet. A toilet bowl to push, what here a bidet! But modern technologies allow to save up a place indoors, without Continue reading