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Other fittings 12

In last article we already noted that on old ordering the turnaround valve called the elevating valve. It was connected with the most vserasprostranenny design of such devices. On fig. 1. the scheme of operation of that elevating valve is shown. read more

The shower to accept – to lie down …

Telling about equipment novelties for bathrooms, we still never mentioned a fascinating design which appeared on free sale not so long since. Speech about a horizontal shower of the German production which can be beheld in a Spa salons will go. So, shower read more

Pipes from cellophane of low pressure

I already spoke about new development in production of pipes for water supply and heating, here and at present I wish to share information about one novelty – pipes from cellophane of low pressure or as them still call, PND pipes. PND pipes already received read more

Types of heat generation in Ukraine in 2016 and their cost

In 2016, private consumers of heat in Ukraine receive the heat from the following sources:

  1. The most common one is electricity, which means electric boilers, electric fireplaces and heaters of different kinds. Skipping some details, in most cases the ultimate source is hydropower. Possible sources are nuclear power and thermal power stations. For the most of final consumers, the distributing functions are performed by HCS (Housing and Communal Services companies) or companies of “Region-Town-Energo” type. At the beginning of 2016 the cost of “elektroheating” is about 1 UAH/kW.

To take into account getting the heat directly to the consumer’s apartment, house, or other compartment, to the cost of heat generation we will add amortized cost of the equipment, such as cost per hour based on the “25 years of the equipment running”. In this example we get 1 kW/h via ceramic heating plate 1200 UAH of cost. It serves at least 25 years, which means 25х365х24 = 219000 hours, or “amortized cost per hour” of 1200/219000 = 0,0054 UAH, i.e. it is inessential.

read more

Artificial reservoir the hands

To design an artificial reservoir in a garden or on a site it is not so difficult, as it seems on the 1st look. At first, it is necessary to choose, where the pond will naturally be entered in a surrounding landscape. If nearby there is an orchard or a flower read more

Electrowelded pipes their feature and efficiency

Though what serious thorough repair, both in the apartment, and in any other room should begin with sanitary works, in other words from substitution or from restoration of all pipes and other bathroom equipment. Pipes for a water supply system and heating read more

We build a well on giving

You like to spend a free time at a dacha? Do not represent itself without work on a kitchen garden, you like to equip flower beds or simply serenely to have a rest outdoors? Then the country site should correspond to all requirements of comfort! Basic parts read more

Picturesque detail in an interior of a bathroom

We speak about design of a bathroom very much. We discuss different types of a tile, we pay attention to regiments, lockers and polotentsesushilka, and new models of bathroom equipment and absolutely povsevremenno on a look. But about something all of us read more

Pleasant about useful

On the real acceptance of a bath we often do not have time, and here on a shower it is possible to find 15-20 minutes always. And in particular it is pleasant, when for that small gleam of time two pleasures – bathing and massage are possible скооперировать read more

Esthetics of modern bathroom equipment

Everything more often we pay attention not only only to functionality of bathroom equipment and on its esthetic appeal. And if designers work on external shape of sinks and baths tirelessly, povsevremenno offering us all new models, such thing as the toilet read more