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Plastic tubas

Tubas or simply tubes represent unique and very comfortable rational packing, and the word "tubas" occurs from the British language and is translated not on another as a pipe.

Tubas consist of 4 bodies:

1. Cylinder flexible. It has the cylindrical form, one end of this cylinder is closed tightly, and the 2nd end has a special carving Continue reading

Installation of metalplastic pipes

Installation of metalplastic pipes
To establish system with introduction of metalplastic pipes, avoiding at all this emergence of the covered defects, it is necessary to adhere to several rules – to cut a pipe special scissors, to create installation at plusovy temperature, to use the clips designated in the summary and clamps. If the system asks introduction of nozzles, pipes are Continue reading

Advantages of plastic pipes and types of connection

Advantages of plastic pipes and types of connection
Iron pipes for household pipelines till nedavneshny time were, the most extensively applied material. In the majority of starenky apartments there are specifically such pipes.

Steel – a cheap and strong material, apparently, the best candidate for pipes not to find, but at pipes from began to eat and minuses – frequent leakages, zasor, and at Continue reading

My water supply system and ditch

Presently it is already heavy to present for itself the house without plumbing and sanitary. Even in villages people started to put in order the houses, to do plumbings and sanitary. Sweat and I decided to be engaged in such business. At first I planned where and that will be placed with me and estimated what materials to me for this purpose are necessary. Continue reading

Apartment water supply – all zany!

Occasionally what repair does without substitution of pipes of water supply and the sewerage. If you wish, that again mounted systems were not only only harmless and comfortable in operation, except actually pipes, do not forget to get device which in the following will facilitate to you life. These devices only three:

1. Cleaning filters. They are Continue reading

Pipes from cellophane of low pressure

I already spoke about new development in production of pipes for water supply and heating, here and at present I wish to share information about one novelty – pipes from cellophane of low pressure or as them still call, PND pipes.

PND pipes already received quite extensive application in a life and the industry thanks to the highest operational lines. Continue reading

Electrowelded pipes their feature and efficiency

Though what serious thorough repair, both in the apartment, and in any other room should begin with sanitary works, in other words from substitution or from restoration of all pipes and other bathroom equipment. Pipes for a water supply system and heating systems, also for the gas pipeline are used in the main thing electrowelded iron which are carried Continue reading

Independent system of a heat supply: safety

Independent system of a heat supply: safety
Practically in each personal house there is an independent system of a heat supply. The heat-carrier, pipes and different types of fuel participate in process.

Heating processes as it is clear, demand control. The uncontrollable system can become an obvious source of threat. That it did not leave, the heat supply should be equipped with safety Continue reading




From 40 mm mm

Thickness of a sleeve

From 30 microns-120 of a micron


11 approved flowers (color can be changed it is dependent on preference of clients):

2.декоративный the snow-white
3.натуральный oak
Continue reading

Faecal ditch

Faecal ditch
Laying of the external sewerage begins after will establish capacity in a hole. If there is an excavator, to dig out a trench it is meaningful at once with a hole. At a choice of the directions to the house and removals from it it is necessary to calculate a trench that there were no turns. At all this the highway should be a straight line, on Continue reading