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Septic tanks as unique cleaning of sewage

Discrepancy on carrying out cleaning of sewage is essential, basic and very modern, after all such situation appears in though to what field of activity of the person, as at the enterprise, in the personal house, production and in reservoirs. At the solution of that difficulty it is necessary introductions of a clearing local construction for cleaning Continue reading

Advantages of septic tanks from fibreglass

Advantages of septic tanks from fibreglass
Septic tank – the independent system of the sewerage created for clarification of sewage in the suburban house, a mansion, filling station and so forth.


The three-chambered septic tanks made from fibreglass by the Aquor company, are the faultless decision for sewerage systems in suburban houses. Fiberglass Continue reading

Independent ditch

Independent ditch
Though, the suburban house has mass of advantages, its existence pulls certain difficulties which are connected with installation of system of the independent sewerage. In the majority modern cottage settlements long since there are central sources of an electricity, but the city system of the sewerage there usually does not reach. The reason of Continue reading

Why stations of cleaning of water

are necessary

The station of cleaning of water is a special system for a filtration by means of which different impurity and substances are removed. Truly to pick up such station, it is necessary to carry out chemical water analysis. Proceeding from its results, you will know, on what it is necessary to give more attention: umyagcheniye, obezzhelezivaniye Continue reading

Water-purifying devices

The modern equipment for water purification comprises very wide range of different devices – from enough small-sized home filters to the large-scale systems solving more difficult problems. Systems of the water-purifying equipment can differ from each other is dependent on functions carried out by them and criterion of operation. If you decided to Continue reading

How to neutralize a zasor

How to neutralize a zasor
Zasora in drains, – an event quite frequent. To decide this dely to address not by all means to the master, it is enough to have the necessary adaptations – the air eliminator and a drainage snow-storm…

The sign a zasor and – water flows down is very sluggish or voobshchy costs. Most likely, here and there the stopper was formed and it is Continue reading

With New 2012!

Dear readers, I congratulate you on New 2012! I wish this year of health, the world and happiness! Our health is in dependence from existence and property of ordinary water. Moreover, water besides comfort that it was possible to bathe in the pool or to take a shower it not from option to a case, and not in coordination with councils of all health Continue reading

Exhibition in Khabarovsk: modern town planning

In September of the current year in Khabarovsk to Expootsentra the specialist an exhibition «STROYEKSPO DV 2012» on which production of the companies of a construction orientation, innovatorsky technologies, the equipment and the equipment created for all sectors of building industry, repair and branches adjacent to them will be presented will develop Continue reading

Treatment facilities, mechanical and bio cleaning

Treatment facilities for dachas and the whole settlements, also for cleaning of sewage from the industrial companies are comprised by the whole difficult unique complex of different actions. Such clarification and removal of respective pollution charmingly comprises such stages of cleaning as mechanical, bio processing, physical and chemical, also Continue reading

How not to be mistaken, choosing a septic tank

How not to be mistaken, choosing a septic tank
Installation of local treatment facilities, became in particular burning. Choosing, system of the sewerage meeting all requirements, essentially to consider a large quantity of the reasons, systems operating on failure and on its weak productivity. Trying to understand personal features of non-volatile and independent systems, it is simple to mislead Continue reading