Рубрика: A Healthy. House

John Banta

My introduction to the downside of indoor air quality occurred along with my introduction to fatherhood in 1980. Like many first-time parents, my wife and I wanted to welcome our newborn by decorating the nursery. We painted and carpeted the room in anticipation of our new arrival. The room smelled of chem­icals and I noticed […]

Author Testimonials

Paula Baker-Laporte If someone had told me in the early years of my career that I would be writing a technical “how to” book about healthy homes, I would have looked at them with total incredulity! I would have explained that, as an architect, my main concerns were with the creation of beau­tiful and interactive […]

MCS: What is It?

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), often re­ferred to as environmental illness, is an im­mune and nervous system disorder involving severe reactions to many everyday chemicals and products. For some people MCS occurs with dramatic onset, precipitated by a major chemical exposure or industrial accident. But for most people the condition develops gradu­ally as […]

The Property Survey

Based on the findings of a property survey, it is possible to provide specific recommendations for any planned construction activity. Anticipated fu­ture developments in the neighborhood should also betaken into consideration. First, map the naturally occurring terrestrial ra­diation pattern to detect anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field as well as radioactivity. Second, assess the risk […]

Prudent Avoidance Strategies

There are many simple and inexpensive ways to make the bedroom a sanctuary that is free from these stressful fields. Here are five suggestions: 1. Use battery-powered clocks near the bed. Re­search has shown that exposure to high mag­netic fields during sleep can cause severe long-term illness. Many electric clocks pro­duce high magnetic fields. 2. […]

Radio Frequency Radiation

The higher the frequency of the electromagnetic radiation, the more the electric and magneticfield components meld. The energy level of radio fre­quency (RF) radiation is billions of times stronger than the natural high-frequency energies from the cosmos that existed during our biological de­velopment. Research shows that cataracts, blood composition changes, hormone alterations, and chromosomal abnormalities […]

Guidelines for Creating a Safe Electroclimate in the Bedroom

The Standard of Building Biology Testing Methods (SBM) was pioneered by Bau-Biologist Wolfgang Maes in cooperation with the Institut fur Baubi — ologie und Okologie Neubeuern (IBN). The place where we spend most of our time should have the lowest electromagnetic readings possible. Based on the precautionary principle, the Building Biol­ogy Guidelines for Sleeping Areas […]

Electric Fields

Wiring to Reduce Electric Fields In Germany, Bau-Biologists have long been concerned about the negative health effects associated with exposure to electric fields. In the United States, mainstream science has given little credence to the notion that electric fields pose a health threat and remains skepti­cal in spite of continuing evidence of biologi­cal effects. A […]