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Jay Shafer is leading a move­ment that is changing the way America views housing. His revolutionary approach to house design has stirred inter­national dialogue. In his, The Small House Book (self-pub­lished, 2000), Shafer explains why smaller dwellings make good sense and how superior design can be achieved with less space. He has contin­ued to share […]


The Vardo is not much more than a full-sized bed flanked by a cou­ple of work surfaces over 35 cubic feet of storage space. It can be pulled behind virtually any car or removed from its trailer to rest in most any truck bed. It is pictured on these pages with an optional fireplace. ШіЩ […]


The exterior of the Ofnoco resem­bles the Tarleton and the Lusby. The inside is a blank slate with space to create a tiny home of your own. Square feet: 36 House width: 6’ House length: 6%’ Road Height: 6’-5” Dry Weight: 950 lbs Ceiling height: 4’-3” — sizes are approximate

Wildf lower

The Wildflower is like my house on the outside with a single, open room inside. Add closet(s), a loft, utilities, furniture and entire rooms as you see fit. Square feet: 117 House width: 8’ House length: 19’ Road Height: 13’-5” Dry Weight: 5100 lbs Porch: 3’x 7%’ Ceiling height: 6’-3” — sizes are approximate


This tiny structure, and those fol­lowing it, are different than the ones on the preceeding pages. Inside you will find a single open room. Just add closet(s), a loft, utilities and furniture as needed. The pictures on the following pag­es show how my friend Greg man­aged to fit everything he needs to live full-time in […]


The Whidbey’s main floor is simi­lar to that of the B-53 and Enesti, except that it uses a bump-out to house a downstairs bedroom, and it has a full main floor bathroom, in­cluding a sink over the toilet. Pic­tured below is the add-on version with 2 bedrooms. I do not count the upstairs 400+ square […]

Z-Glass House

This contemporary design does not have a pronounced gabled roof or loft. It looks a lot like the New Popomo, but is about three times bigger. Like its smaller cousin, the Z-Glass House has a glass wall that is intended to face south during the winter for solar gain. This design includes a stain­less steel […]


The layout of the Sebastorosa is basically the same as the Enesti tuned sideways. Square feet: 743 With add-on: 837 House width: 16’ House length: 30’ Porch: 6’ x 15% Great Room: 9%’ x 15: Kitchen: ІУ2 x 9’A Bathroom: 5%’хб’ Half Bath: 41/2’ x 5’ Addition: 7’x12’ Ceiling height: 7’ 6” — sizes are […]


The Enesti, or NST (not so tiny), contains two bedrooms, one-and a-half baths, a fireplace, a dining nook, ample storage and a full kitchen that includes a washer/ dryer beneath the counter. A third bedroom is also available. ГТ1ТЛ L£L±J 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 І 1 1 1 1 1 […]