Рубрика: Venture for Affordable Housing


An important means of achieving affordable housing is by running an efficient business. Good business planning, organization, and control are essential to keeping costs as low as possible. Because affordable housing construc­tion may require regulatory changes and relief from the community, it becomes very important that resultantcost reductions are not offset by business and job […]


Electrical codes and their implemen­tation are normally not very flexible. But costs can still be reduced by several methods within the codes. Floor plans can often be adjusted to reduce electrical costs by reducing length of wiring or eliminating outlets while staying within the code. For example, since one outlet is needed for each 12 […]


Many of the demonstration projects used trusses and several used the simplified trim details described above. However, several projects also used vaulted ceiling rafter framing to provide more open space in relatively small homes. In some houses the vaulted ceilings provided lofts and expandable space. Lincoln, Nebraska Karl Witt used vaulted ceilings with clerestory windows […]


Growing pressures on land availability and housing affordability are resulting in an increase in demand for attached homes. Zero-lot-line configurations are becoming more popular for detached homes because of more innovative use of small lots. The principal added code consideration for attached and zero-lot-line homes is the requirement for fire barriers. Requirements of the major […]


The key to economical wall and parti­tion construction is preplanning to eliminate unnecessary materials and labor. Carpenters usually find extra material is needed here and there to accommodate doors and windows. They may also follow traditional training by adding studs where partitions intersect exterior walls, blocking at mid-height of walls, double studs and headers at […]