Pipes from cellophane of low pressure

I already spoke about new development in production of pipes for water supply and heating, here and at present I wish to share information about one novelty – pipes from cellophane of low pressure or as them still call, PND pipes.

PND pipes already received quite extensive application in a life and the industry thanks to the highest operational lines. These properties depend outright on a material of which they are made. Low pressure it will turn out Tselofan during the curing of ethylene and a sshivka of molecules at low pressure. It gives to a material excellent characteristics.

Pipes actually everywhere are used: it both heating, and water supply (including is hotter) and a ditch. But they received more extensive distribution in laying of underground communications of water supply.

To put it briefly, it everything already long since not news therefore I wish to tell about the experience with them. Last year came up against that situation: the suburban house, an electricity it is brought, water in a well in a yard. And hunting that everything, in respect of comfort, was as in the apartment, the crane opened — water flows.

As how did? I tell. Dug through a trench from the house to a well depth of 1,5 meters. Laid PND pipe a diameter of 20 mm (distance small therefore the bigger diameter is not necessary). One end of a pipe through the opening punched in a well ring got inside. By means of an angular fitting, made branch that the pipe end with the filter plunged into water on a half a meter — meter. the 2nd end of a pipe via the turnaround valve connected to pump station. Further all internal distributing – a trick.

Now about why this pipe attracted. In the winter, here and there in a current of week there were frosts for 30, and left for work in the afternoon and water did not use. Water in a pipe in a day more shortly was chilled, and is concrete on a site between an exit from the earth and an entrance in the house. Warmed a kipyatochok, but the most important – the pipe did not burst, and connections did not begin to flow! The next winter I will warm better, though I know already that PND pipes very reliable and forgive us shortcomings and mistakes!

Updated: 1 февраля, 2016 — 9:48 дп