The shower to accept – to lie down …

The shower to accept – to lie down …
Telling about equipment novelties for bathrooms, we still never mentioned a fascinating design which appeared on free sale not so long since. Speech about a horizontal shower of the German production which can be beheld in a Spa salons will go.

So, shower horizontal oblivny Vichy brand. It is executed from composit materials, fastens to a wall, has horizontally established table and a sliding roof curtain from qualitative plastic which does a known "wet" steam bath.

The shower to accept – to lie down …
For creation of a big shower water from which will extend on all area of a body, there are some shower watering cans. Moves in their water with various modes of pressure, as does effect аква massage of various force.

During a shower it is possible to be charmed by smells of essential oils and infusions of grasses which are added in the special tank.

Color of model of a horizontal shower from the Vichy company – snow-white. Cost, naturally, oho-go – about 130 thousand roubles.

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