Septic tanks as unique cleaning of sewage

Discrepancy on carrying out cleaning of sewage is essential, basic and very modern, after all such situation appears in though to what field of activity of the person, as at the enterprise, in the personal house, production and in reservoirs. At the solution of that difficulty it is necessary introductions of a clearing local construction for cleaning of economic and household waters and specifically for this purpose and septic tanks are used. They are used for various high-quality cleaning of waters in coordination with operating rules and norms of municipal standards. By definition with ептик is a construction for collecting and the following cleaning of household and economic sewage going from low-floor buildings, inhabited personal houses, also mansions without system of the central sewerage. At own work all septic tanks use a principle of tertiary treatment bio, a principle of upholding gravitational, also application of a biofermental product or soil compulsory and natural ways of tertiary treatment. The septic tank represents capacity from the tight one case broken into a number of sections, also it consists of a branch pipe for supply of waters and for removal of the cleared waters. Such design can be single-chamber, two-chamber or the 3rd chamber, and each that type of a design is defined by quantitatively day dumping of waters measured in cubic meter in a day. Also the number of chambers is in dependence from percent of cleared drains, and the density of such tanks is provided with a special unique sealant. Septic tanks as unique cleaning of sewage
Cleaning is very basic and necessary in all spheres of our life, from above listed cleaning of sewage from inhabited constructions before cleaning of waters at restaurants, combines, productions and in the ground enterprises. The problem of all septic tanks consists not only only in cleaning, also in removal of the cleared waters in soil, usually that branch is independent which does not ask introduction of special pumps. At all this competent and rational comfortable placement of this cleaning is necessary, such placement should be at harmless distance from a water intake and at a certain distance from a fence, a structure and from nearby trees.

The mechanism of work of all septic tanks is mnogoetapny, the 1st step consists in the direction of sewage in a septic tank for carrying out preparatory cleanings. In the first step to waters unique conditions of anaerobny basic processes of the fermentation are created, at all this sewage to 70 % is cleared, still from time to time, still special biological products for this purpose to accelerate this process in the first step of cleaning are added. the 2nd step of cleaning consists in tertiary treatment in a drainage special filtrational field, in essence it is special system of an arrangement of drainage clearing pipes in soil. Under such pipes the layer of rubble which is base for formation of the necessary aerobic microbes is arranged still. The mechanism of work of the system usual, in other words waters get to the special tank from strong unique cellophane (septic tank) where waters pass clarification process. The exit sewer takes place approximately on depth of 85 cm underground, and the choice of a certain capacity is in dependence from quantity of drains at cleaning calculation for three days. Work of a septic tank is based on principles of bio cleaning and on application of unique tertiary treatment in the soil. Tertiary treatment when level of waters soil is very high and as required more high-quality cleaning can include and a bioseptic tank (the biofilter drop).

The septic tank is truly a basic and necessary element in any construction complex for cleaning of sewage, at all this process is easy and cheap therefore that process is very readily available to everyone.

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