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Esthetics of modern bathroom equipment

Esthetics of modern bathroom equipment
Everything more often we pay attention not only only to functionality of bathroom equipment and on its esthetic appeal. And if designers work on external shape of sinks and baths tirelessly, povsevremenno offering us all new models, such thing as the toilet bowl often appears forgotten.

The Italian company "Hatria" decided to correct Continue reading

The device the new, mobile, comfortable, improved

The device the new, mobile, comfortable, improved
Dry closets the Thetford companies (Tetford) from the Netherlands deserved worthy reputation in the markets of household bathroom equipment in Western Europe, in the Russian Federation products of this famous brand takes the 1st place on sales volumes in the middle of production of this commodity group. Models of the different price enter into Continue reading

It is new, purely and with comfort

At an exhibition of the sanitary equipment of Salone Internazionale del Bagno which passed in April of the current year within Saloni Milano in Milan (Italy), the new seat for a toilet bowl SensoWash® Starck equipped with function of a bidet was presented.

This adaptation represents a cover of a toilet bowl and a seat of snow-white color – they Continue reading

French novelty: a stylish toilet bowl with the pump grinder

The firm the producer of the kanaliziruyushchy equipment of SFA from France offers to sale in the Russian Federation the last development – a stylish small-sized toilet bowl of "Sanicompact Elite" with the integrated pump grinder. New production technologies allocate a novelty with incontestable pluses: beautiful functionality, comfort of Continue reading

6 parts in special packing

6 parts in special packing
The Polish novelty in Russian market: the install system "DELFI Cet 6:1" uniting in one product (packing – гофр) 6 parts:

1. A toilet bowl, hinged, small-sized.
2. A seat on a toilet bowl (дюропласт).
3. The Aqua installation, folding (an esthetics in design of a bathroom).
4. Smyvna a flank on two modes of operation (3 l and Continue reading

We choose a toilet bowl

We choose a toilet bowl
The complete repair is inconceivable, without bathroom equipment substitution. Water pipes, pipes of heating, a sink, a bath – all this are necessary for changing. If, to all to other at you besides a starenky toilet bowl, it is necessary to change also it.

The Italian toilet bowls are at present popular. But, it does not mean what to take it Continue reading

Softly, плавненько and with comfort

This novelty will be suitable both for pedants on life, and for each person. As, often, irritates a clap of a cover of a toilet bowl after its use. Besides, such makary it is possible to destroy a toilet bowl.

When you will get a toilet bowl, it is already completed with a special cover and a seat. Now all wishing can get the improved model of Continue reading

Change of the location of a toilet bowl

To rearrange a toilet bowl it is possible, if you the owner of the apartment and the apartment is privatized. In an unpleasant case you bear responsibility for autocratic shift of sanitary devices.

Toilet bowl removal
If you decided to change the toilet bowl location, naturally it is necessary for you to get first a new toilet bowl, and then already Continue reading

Bathroom equipment. Newcomer. But ancient. But – the newcomer!

Bathroom equipment. Newcomer. But ancient. But - the newcomer!
We speak about retrostyle, about any vintage things and devices for the house much. Yes, whatever one may do, and all new is perfectly forgotten old. Here only in the field of our sight the furniture, mirrors, pictures on wall-paper usually gets… How bathroom equipment? It after all too changed eventually, and modern models are absolutely not Continue reading

The Czech quality – for people with limited abilities

The Czech quality – for people with limited abilities
Coming in though what room, we at first need to feel there comfortably and with comfort. In a bathroom there is a special need of implementation of these requirements. It is most difficult to achieve comfort to become to low-mobile people and people with limited abilities.

The Czech company "Jika" developed specially for such people Continue reading