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«Will be to you and кофА, there will be also what with tea …»

«Will be to you and кофА, there will be also what with tea …»
More than 20 years the Italian company ArtCeram works at the market of sanitary products. Its products are made from glass, faience and metal. Functionality, convenience of forms, an abundance of styles and coloring – all this distinguishes ArtCeram company production. Add here originality of design thinking with ability to joke, and the manner Continue reading

When it is not visible having merged at a sink…

When it is not visible having merged at a sink...
We contemplated so many sinks of the most various forms and the sizes that we, perhaps, can be called the judges who have tasted taste. But whatever non-trivial were the models of sinks, they everything are connected воединыжды by one common feature – existence plum.

But also in the middle of sinks there are "black sheep". You probably Continue reading

Magnificent spiral in a bathroom

You do not cease to be surprised the boundless imagination of designers generating the freshest unusual ideas for creation of the modern sanitary equipment. It would seem, all probable forms and materials in production of that ordinary subject of a bathroom as a sink are invented and applied already. But at each exhibition the leading world manufacturing Continue reading

Hands spotless always! And at a dacha – too

Hands spotless always! And at a dacha - too
In our days, during an era of a pronikaniye of utilities to all spheres of our life, still is, to chagrin, places to which it could not get. Garage, for example. Or giving where come in the summer on a quantity of days: hands will wash out there, naturally, it is necessary. Earlier this question was solved by means of the suspended bottle or water Continue reading

sink installation with a curbstone the hands

The good time of day, esteemed guests of the website and my blog! In this article I wish to impart experience with you on sink installation with a curbstone in a bathroom in the standard large-panel house, not differing bolshenny dimensions of rooms, including a bathroom, kitchen and a toilet.

Owners of such apartments усвоют me to a descent, after Continue reading

Beauty what…

The fine thing absolutely unessentially should be elaborate or richly topped. Many people, on the contrary, appreciate unique simplicity and grace. For them elegance of forms and perfectly proved materials is more important.

For example, the set for bathrooms «Angelica» which is let out under the easily soiled companies "Webert" (Italy), Continue reading

Severity of forms, clearness of lines

Severity of forms, clearness of lines
In 1975 the Italian company which at present makes bathroom equipment, furniture and devices for bathrooms was based. One more novelty of the company: a sink of ELLE which was developed by Milan designer Matteo Nundzati.

The squared model is a big sink which consists of a small little table and specifically a bowl wash basin. All design on a Continue reading

Harmony of simplicity in a bathroom

Many people like a Japanese miniatyurizm where there is nothing excessive, and the preference is given to natural materials and usual forms. Perhaps, the similar design is more necessary at registration of bathrooms. In – 1-x, there we deal with a limited place, in – 2-x, in the course of clarification of soul and a body of scenery to anything. For Continue reading

French Italy

French Italy
Ability to see and create was famous in all centuries and in all people. Presently people everything started to pay the attention not only only on quality and mission of a product and its external shape more often. The Chelini company could prove that the high-quality furniture can not only do only the direct functions and to be an ornament for Continue reading

Not paper paper: high quality imitation!

Not paper paper: high quality imitation!
Say that paper doesn’t blush. Well, invariable experiences of designers with wall-paper confirm it. But paper suits not only only creation of wall-paper. Art of addition of cardboard figures, origami, arose in a submultiple antiquity, but popularly till this moment. So, lighting devices with lamp shades from reaped paper any more do not strike Continue reading