Advantages of plastic pipes and types of connection

Advantages of plastic pipes and types of connection
Iron pipes for household pipelines till nedavneshny time were, the most extensively applied material. In the majority of starenky apartments there are specifically such pipes.

Steel – a cheap and strong material, apparently, the best candidate for pipes not to find, but at pipes from began to eat and minuses — frequent leakages, zasor, and at long-term operation the pipe can come to full unfitness.

To correct situation it is possible if to establish metalpolymeric or polymeric pipes (called in the people "plastic"). Substitution of the iron pipeline on the plastic will release the owner of the house or the apartment from need of painting and renewal. Plastic is economically profitable and expedient option for pipeline systems.

Advantages of plastic pipes and types of connection
Advantages of plastic pipes — ease, quick installation, long term of operation, reliability and rather low price. Besides, pipes from polymer own several qualities, remote became: they do not save condensates, have resistance to corrosion, do not carry out a current…, in other words are the best candidate of steel.

Change iron pipes on plastic you with ease can without the aid of others.

Substitution of iron pipes in compact apartments is connected with additional expenses. Except pipes it is necessary to get besides the latest house equipment and/or сантех. equipment. Completely can be that there will be a need to lay an opening in walls and concrete overlappings to connect washing and the dishwasher. For such purposes I use diamond drilling. The necessary openings by means of this technology can be made for a floor of hour.

Connection methods.

Advantages of plastic pipes and types of connection
The method of connection is in dependence from purpose of the pipeline. So, for example, water pipes mount only by means of welding.

Welding of pipes from polypropylene make in the bell-shaped way. For this type of welding you will need the simple equipment — the welding device for polipropilenovy pipes and a fitting which serve as connecting details.

Welding of polyethylene pipes create in the way of a joint. It will be necessary for you the device for welding of pipes with a mechanical or hydraulic drive. This device is easy, малогабаритен and it it is possible to master without troubles for a floor of hour

PVC of a pipe mount not welded method with introduction of couplings and carving details.

Each method of connection steals up personally for each polymer.

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