Apartment water supply – all zany!

Occasionally what repair does without substitution of pipes of water supply and the sewerage. If you wish, that again mounted systems were not only only harmless and comfortable in operation, except actually pipes, do not forget to get device which in the following will facilitate to you life. These devices only three:

1. Cleaning filters. They are divided into filters for hot and cool water, also on filters of rough, narrow and superthin cleaning. As tap water in the majority of Russian cities leaves to long for the best, the filter of rough cleaning is absolutely necessary thing. It provides removal from water of particles of impurity which in an unpleasant case can break operation of household devices and mixers. That the filter of rough cleaning will prolong equipment service life at you at home – and it is significant economy! If the water arriving in your apartment, rigid to soften it filters of narrow cleaning will promote – them purposefully to establish on a supply to washing machines, and in a bathroom. And here the drinking purposes will need filters of superthin cleaning (coal or filters turnaround осмоса) – they are established under a sink, are supplied with the separate crane and allow to receive on an exit crystal-clear water.

2. Cases of the majority of filters for water maintain pressure of 6-8 atm. Meanwhile, differences in system of city water supply are that that pressure can "skip", rising and above! Not to destroy filters, in addition to them it is necessary to put on an entrance to the apartment a pressure reducer. This device reduces pressure in pipes of cool and hot water supply to 3-4атм – and it enough and for operation of devices, and for usual life support. Reducers of pressure of certain producers are issued the already combined – with the filter of rough cleaning. There are such devices «2 in 1» even cheaper, than two devices if you take them separately.

3. Usually the water supply system in the apartment is mounted so that if in kitchen the mixer began to flow, it is necessary to block all water in the apartment (and from time to time and the whole strut at an entrance). Awkwardly? Naturally! And here if to establish a collector, water will start to move in kitchen, a bathroom, a bathroom and system of heating is completely independent. For repair of the 1st site of system of water supply now not by all means to "dehydrate" all apartment! Collectors establish separately on pipes of hot and cool water supply after filters and pressure reducers. Do not find on sale the Russian devices – collectors are carried out only in Europe (there got used to think about convenience in everything). Naturally, cost of these devices will be rather big – and quality at height!

Updated: 9 февраля, 2016 — 6:09 дп