My water supply system and ditch

Presently it is already heavy to present for itself the house without plumbing and sanitary. Even in villages people started to put in order the houses, to do plumbings and sanitary. Sweat and I decided to be engaged in such business. At first I planned where and that will be placed with me and estimated what materials to me for this purpose are necessary. After bought materials and started to work. At first I was going to make a cesspool. For a hole bought four concrete rings which use for a well and after having put one ring in a suitable place started to dig. Dug a cesspool the same method as dig a well, slowly pulling out a shovel the earth снутри rings also under its walls.My water supply system and ditch
At all this the ring under the weight slowly sits down on a hole bottom. Such makary I buried two more rings. Farther in the top ring made an opening for an entrance of a sewer pipe and the same method then planted the last ring to earth level. For this purpose that water did not get to a cesspool made a cover with the hatch. For a cover made a frame from an iron corner which fixed on a ring by means of the welding device and fittings, also from below attached sheet iron that concrete did not fail and walled the hatch in concrete. Farther made a wood cover and beat on it from above a slice of sheet iron.My water supply system and ditch
After the hole was ready dug out a trench from the house to a hole depth about 1 meter with a small bias towards a cesspool for this purpose that all sewage without troubles got to a cesspool. After the trench was ready started laying of sewer plastic pipes. For this purpose that on pipe connections perfectly entered one into one their rubber consolidations I greased with vegetable oil. In the house sewer pipes passed under the base after that already made distributing on the house. The same method laid also a water supply system, having laid a water plastic pipe on a trench from a well to the house.My water supply system and ditch
Such makary I made at home own personal water supply system and a ditch that much more facilitated life and at all this I incurred small costs.

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