Comfort — the greatest!

Comfort - the greatest!
You prefer to luxuriate in a heat bath in a counterbalance to quick "spolaskivaniye" under a shower? Nevertheless, this shower probably is available in your bathroom. Whatever one may do, but from time to time it is difficult to find time for bath acceptance then the shower can become real rescue. The it is more that with new collections of unique shower mixers it, maybe, becomes and the loved method of ablution…

So, the Graff company (Switzerland) offers very fascinating model: it represents an integral design which fastens to a wall. The main feature of this shower is existence of illumination which can change color from blue to the reddish is dependent on water temperature. Now it is not necessary to inspect water a finger!
Comfort - the greatest!

More inquisitive mixer is available in the Ponsi company product range. Ultrathin, he remembers a lovely cloudlet or a metal puddle, not particularly as spread in air more. But such creative form is not only only a fruit of the design imagination and a result of research works. The producer argues that such outlines of a watering can are dictated by a human Comfort - the greatest!
body and provide very comfortable rassredotachivaniye of streams of water.

The model from «Plavdesign» is very lovely to an eye — it is trimmed by wood breed of a tic steady against moisture and will make process of acceptance of a shower very comfortable. For the rest this mixer is completely modern.

Updated: 17 февраля, 2016 — 12:50 дп