60 seconds of work: shutdown automatic

The based activity of the Kopfgescheit company is a development of new technologies in the field of the modern sanitary electric equipment. All devices leaving under the Kopf trademark, pass careful test, on it the highest quality of production of the company is not called in question. Not so long since Kopfgescheit let out on the market the new automatic HD5132BDC mixer owning a number of very nice fig. for users.

When manufacturing a novelty leading technologies of energy saving are used (the capacity consumed by the device, makes from 0.5 MWt to 260 seconds of work: shutdown automatic
W) that allows to develop service life of parts of a food essentially. For water supply by the automatic HD5132BDC mixer innovative technologies also are used.

The automatic device is equipped with the infra-red water-proof detector with a vandalozashchishchenny window and the light indicator of the category of batteries. By means of the built-in microchip the new HD5132BDC device can create without the aid of others automatic adjustment of sensitivity of the detector and define the best zone of detection is dependent on color and a room form. Besides, to adjust sensitivity of the detector it is possible also the remote panel.

The case of the HD5132BDC mixer is made of bronze of the highest property with a brilliant covering. The valve of the device is also executed from bronze.

The novelty possesses extent of protection against leakages and drops (extent of protection — IP56); it is established in one opening and by the machine gun it is disconnected after 60 seconds of use.

A food of the automatic mixer with adjustment of temperature is carried out from the 4th standard batteries of AAA or аккумов by AAA.

Cost of the automatic HD5132BDC mixer — about 8 thousand roubles.

Updated: 7 февраля, 2016 — 7:09 дп