Other fittings 18

The attentive reader should direct attention that actually for though what type of fittings there are devices which are put in action not in a manual mode, or not only only in manual and by means of drives. Quite often it is connected with what manually to put such drives in action is simply unreal. Naturally, it belongs to big pipelines, to us such in household criteria can never and not meet. In most cases it is pneumo or hydraulic actuators. Thus, initiation of such drives can be carried out in a manual mode.

Other fittings 18

Fig. 1. An electronic nepolnopovorotny drive on a disk lock.

For us still the bigger enthusiasm is represented by electric drives. Them use not only only on big pipelines and for small diameters. The purpose of their use to provide remote or automatic control. And here it can be applied if not in the apartment, in the personal house it is exact. If the fittings are established in an inaccessible place, заместо to spend forces and time for this purpose that to it to reach, to press simply the button in a comfortable place even more conveniently.
Systems of house automation too evenly are included into our life. If our forefathers could rely on natural processes which achieved quite often superfluous expense of resources, the modern look on housing exchanged. Now try to reduce such superfluous expenses very much. But it is necessary to pay for everything, and if earlier our actual environment was formed by the nature, now already person should do it. And if to us there is automatic equipment, such basic processes as the ditch and water preparation, without attention will not be left. We already contemplated examples of gate-type fittings where to do without automatic equipment be simple cannot.

Other fittings 18

Fig. 2. The device of an electronic drive for fittings.

On fig. 2. that electronic drive is given in a cut. As we contemplate, this rather difficult device. There is also rather difficult reducer, control devices of moving of a lock, various limiters of effort and other. There is also a possibility of manual control. Such difficult devices came to us from the industry. Probably on responsible sites, for example, inputs, they will be necessary and in the personal house. But for other tasks completely can be used and more ordinary devices about which we will have a talk in the subsequent article.
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