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Hybrids mixers, style – a miniatyurizm

Hybrids mixers, style - a miniatyurizm
Minimalist design at present in a fashion. Perhaps, you too is the fan of an elegant miniatyurizm when everything is on own place, answers this functional and it is not burdened with excessive details. And after all there are such details without which not to manage in any way.

To take, for example, a bathroom. However your bathroom ascetically Continue reading

Liner and loop wings with the joystick

Liner and loop wings with the joystick
Modern designers pay bolshushchy attention to external shape such, apparently, purely convenient things, as bathroom equipment subjects. Often «under distribution» mixers which sometimes can be taken for art objects, but in any way for ordinary cranes get. And when the fascinating and nice design goes in привесок to functionality and reliability, Continue reading

Comfort – the greatest!

Comfort - the greatest!
You prefer to luxuriate in a heat bath in a counterbalance to quick "spolaskivaniye" under a shower? Nevertheless, this shower probably is available in your bathroom. Whatever one may do, but from time to time it is difficult to find time for bath acceptance then the shower can become real rescue. The it is more that with new collections Continue reading

60 seconds of work: shutdown automatic

The based activity of the Kopfgescheit company is a development of new technologies in the field of the modern sanitary electric equipment. All devices leaving under the Kopf trademark, pass careful test, on it the highest quality of production of the company is not called in question. Not so long since Kopfgescheit let out on the market the new automatic Continue reading

Features of bathroom equipment of various producers

Features of bathroom equipment of various producers
In the current time to provide itself with high-quality bathroom equipment does not make special difficulty because there is an unlimited number of various shops. Each shop realizes bathroom equipment of own brands, and is proud of own diversity of products. It is required to buyers exact consultation, an abundance of a choice and very low prices. Continue reading

On though what taste

On though what taste
What requirements are usually shown to kitchen mixers? At first it, naturally, convenience, functionality and reliability. But not on the last place there is also a nice external shape, after all in kitchen we use the mixer in times more often, than in a bathroom, and it is even more pleasant to see fine forms, if something unclear.

The brand Continue reading

Types of mixers

Types of mixers
Usually, in the apartment or the personal house we are established mixers of the 2nd types (on ordering) – for a sink or a sink and for a bath.

The mixer for a sink has only one having given vent for water – bottom or top. Such mixers are created for washing of ware and hands. Mixers for a bath have more difficult configuration and the toggle-switch Continue reading

Souls as a hobby

Souls as a hobby
Water procedures are an integral part of life though what person. It was earlier usual to wash once a week in a bath, and it is at present difficult to present for itself that someone does not wash in the afternoon and does not perceive a shower or a bath in the evening. But, obviously, everyday process of ablution would not be such pleasant and Continue reading

Economy – twice

Economy - twice
Evenly economical mixers which allow to lower a consumption of water considerably enter into a fashion. But such models are usually expensive, and the regulator of a consumption of water can become even more profitable option.

The NEOPERL company brings to your attention two new models of regulators – for a shower and for the mixer with an Continue reading

Both it is simple, and it is difficult. But always –

are esthetic

Both it is simple, and it is difficult. But always -
Doing repair in a bathroom, it is worth to remember and about substitution of mixers. Now there is a large quantity of the most various models, certain from which are more similar to works of art, than on obvious cranes. But if you do not wish to arrange all an interior under the mixer, we advise to direct your attention to more Continue reading