Bathe in a bath in pleasure!

Bathe in a bath in pleasure!
Anything so does not help to relax and will be filled with energy how to lie down in a warm vodichka and if to it to add besides massage function, probably it will be possible to like confidence that life was successful.

Here therefore such hydromassage bath, as «by Eden SPA ES – S-A1019» was developed. Acceptance of hydromassage devices allows to make better blood circulation, immunity fixes, puts pressure in order and well influences serdechnososudisty system. Two types of nozzles are involved in such baths: air and water. In the course of work air mixes up with streams of water and such makary favorably influences a human body.
Bathe in a bath in pleasure!

When developing a bath «Eden SPA ES – S-A1019» designers decided not to be limited to a standard set of functions of hydromassage baths, such as: adjustment of capacity of massage, the toggle-switch on a shower also added a little electronics. Now if someone calls, it will be possible to answer, without leaving a room. Also there is a radio, connection to external CD – to a player, and even underwater multi-colored lighting!

That fact is much important also that the bathroom «Eden SPA ES – S-A1019» is created from acryle. This material possesses a large quantity of advantages: more lightweight, allows to make installation of such baths not so difficult, besides acryle is a delightful sound-proof material that does process of filling by water of a bath of the least booming.

The price of a hydromassage acrylic bath «Eden SPA ES – S-A1019» – about 32 thousand roubles.

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