Рубрика: Housing and Urban Development


One of the most prohibitive local residential land development regulations requires placement of all utilities in public rights-of-way. A viable, less costly alternative is installation of utilities outside of the ROW in easements. Following are guidelines for utilities and utility easements: • Place utilities in easements instead of rights-of-way where appropriate. • Use plastic piping […]


Alternatives to traditional standards, materials, and procedures used in residential water supply systems are often more cost efficient. Following are guidelines for water supply: • Consider alternative materials for water mains and service pipes. • Use multiple connections to one common service where feasible. • Size water distribution pipes to meet the projected need. • […]


Residential neighborhoods often have overdesigned, underutilized sewer systems which local officials must review for cost reduction possibilities. Various sanitary sewer system alternatives are available today to communities using traditional, outmoded procedures, designs, and materials. Following are guidelines for sanitary sewers: • Use curvilinear sewers where feasible. • Increase maximum manhole spacing. • Use cleanouts as […]


Gutters, which are discussed in the previous section, are just one component of the complete storm drainage system. However, important economies can be achieved in the construction of entire storm drainage systems. Following are guidelines for storm drainage systems: • Use performance requirements in place of prescriptive standards in all components of storm drainage design. […]


Curbs and gutters convey rainfall into storm drainage systems, which are discussed in the next section. There are, however, less costly alternatives to the traditional vertical curb and gutter construction. Following are guidelines for curbs and gutters: • Substitute grassy swales for curbs and gutters. • Where curbs are installed, build rolled curbs rather than […]