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Perfectly to use in house criteria fittings which besides the electronic drive has. Comfortably, but as we contemplated in previous article, the device quite difficult, and means also the precious. Besides, if to use houses automatic system which will operate all engineering equipment, it too not the available. In fact, in cases of use of automatic Continue reading

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In last articles we considered quite ordinary devices of direct act. Mechanical safety valves. Now we will get acquainted with the device of indirect act. Its design and mechanisms of work are more fascinating. Time the device not direct act, means, it should receive command from another. And this another should distinguish an emergency. As the signaling Continue reading

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Everything is excellent at such necessary devices, as turnaround valves. Only their design quite powerful and weight solid. To get rid of these defects, invented their facilitated models, so called interflange turnaround valves. The thought in general usual to be released from flanges on the device, and to fix it in flange connections of the pipeline. Continue reading

How truly to choose a sink

How truly to choose a sink
It would seem, what can be simpler, than choose a sink? You come to shop, well and you choose the pleasant model from the big range. Actually everything is not so simple, sinks can differ not only only outside and internally. To the same, rakovinny should approach under design features of the house or the apartment.


As already it was Continue reading

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The attentive reader should direct attention that actually for though what type of fittings there are devices which are put in action not in a manual mode, or not only only in manual and by means of drives. Quite often it is connected with what manually to put such drives in action is simply unreal. Naturally, it belongs to big pipelines, to us such Continue reading

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In last article we already noted that on old ordering the turnaround valve called the elevating valve. It was connected with the most vserasprostranenny design of such devices. On fig. 1. the scheme of operation of that elevating valve is shown.

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Fig. 1. Scheme of the device of the elevating (turnaround) valve.

As we contemplate Continue reading

Artificial reservoir the hands

Artificial reservoir the hands
To design an artificial reservoir in a garden or on a site it is not so difficult, as it seems on the 1st look. At first, it is necessary to choose, where the pond will naturally be entered in a surrounding landscape. If nearby there is an orchard or a flower bed it is excellent, if is not present try to choose a place in a shadow.

You can or Continue reading

Convenience and grace of the kitchen My Style crane from Esprit.

Naturally, many do not pay much attention to sanitary elements, but nevertheless – each quite good owner knows that depends on a choice of the crane on how many comfortably to it will be engaged in necessary affairs in kitchen.

Convenience and grace of the kitchen My Style crane from Esprit.

I represent to your attention the newest model of kitchen My Style cranes from an international brand Continue reading

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With turnaround valves, is more exact with those designs that approach directly according to the name more, we stopped to get acquainted in last article. Now we will get acquainted with other version of turnaround valves which are called besides turnaround locks. As we remember, a saddle axis in turnaround valves is usually perpendicular to the direction Continue reading

Double adjustment

Actually all modern radiators are equipped with such comfortable device as a regulator, allowing to adjust temperature «under», and even absolutely to block access of the heat-carrier to one of radiators, without mentioning system as a whole.

But as a whole control of two-trumpet systems is not so ordinary, as it seems on the 1st look. Unskillfull Continue reading