Brand new bath: elegantly and especially

Brand new bath: elegantly and especially
Owners of standard apartments are quite often obliged to be reconciled with the malekhanky area of a bathroom and to enjoy not that bathroom equipment which is pleasant, and that which got. Nevertheless, if to you has luck, and you live in a spacious flat or, it is better than that in the personal house or a suburban mansion, there is a sense to choose something more original.

For example, development from designers of Claudia Danelon and Federico Meroni represents ultramodern model of a bath which very in an original way looks and is capable to become a real ornament of a bathroom. Brand new bath: elegantly and especially
However, it is necessary to consider that the bathroom equipment is executed in minimalist, even a little aggressive style but if just it and is pleasant to you, forward!

Voobshchem, on the presented photos a bath looks built in a wide window sill. In fact it not so. A stylish dark bath with smooth outlines and the rough integral block represent uniform whole and can be located in any other corner of a room. By the way, the sizes of system are not so much considerable, apparently, unless the length impresses. Dimensions of the block make 245? 80? 45 cm, and font dimensions – 185? 109? 60 see.

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