Faecal ditch

Faecal ditch
Laying of the external sewerage begins after will establish capacity in a hole. If there is an excavator, to dig out a trench it is meaningful at once with a hole. At a choice of the directions to the house and removals from it it is necessary to calculate a trench that there were no turns. At all this the highway should be a straight line, on another it can get littered on a winding. If to connect an exit point to an entrance point in capacity does not leave, arrange a sewer well.

Let’s present that the capacity is removed from a point of an exit to 21 meters. For definition of an inclination of a trench, it is necessary to start with standard sizes more than 1 degree. On 21 meters of a trench it will be necessary a bias concerning a release point more than 20 see.

To protect a ditch from a vymerzaniye use the sandwich technology. Over a plastic pipe isolation, and then assembly puts on is located in a pipe from асбестоцемета.

Faecal ditch
Assembly of pipes begin from capacity. In capacity do openings in a design point, there insert the first asbestotsementny pipe. To it set a bias in 5 degrees. It is simpler to set a bias, to expose pipes and to calculate an entrance point by means of a laser level. But, in a type of that this tool quite expensively, works are made with introduction of water level.

Into the first pipe are inserted 2 plastic tube, with the "dressed" isolation. The subsequent 2 pipes are inserted into a free asbestotsementny pipe and joined to the previous. And so while the line will not be collected.

Warmed "sandwich" get in a house socle through a technological opening, further the pipe runs across in a strut. Then a waste pipe wrap under an overlapping plate. Faecal ditch
Transition begin with a tee in which establish the vacuum valve. The pipe goes under a bias to 5 degrees and fastens in addition by means of a self-made welded collar. The pipe moves to projected unitazny installation and other bathroom equipment.

Further — toilet bowl installation. It connect it to sewer release and a water supply system. The toilet bowl is obliged to have two modes plum — economical and ordinary. The system of a toilet bowl of value has no, but the device should be from the quite good company, the shutoff valves should exclude leakages.

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