Independent system of a heat supply: safety

Independent system of a heat supply: safety
Practically in each personal house there is an independent system of a heat supply. The heat-carrier, pipes and different types of fuel participate in process.

Heating processes as it is clear, demand control. The uncontrollable system can become an obvious source of threat. That it did not leave, the heat supply should be equipped with safety system.

The main appointment of systems of safety — to protect pipes and a copper from not regular work and to prevent that accident. Systems are sewn up supplement a tank, katalny and pipes with structural elements: additional tank, air valve, safety valve, sensors… We will carefully make out any of these parts below.

Independent system of a heat supply: safety

More unsafe at operation of independent system of a heat supply is spontaneous attenuation of a match of a torch. Thereof, gas arrives in a room. The similar situation asks fuel interruptions of supply to a torch. This function is done by a number of machine guns: sensors of control of draft, sensors of control of a flame, copper blocking, copper shutdown. Any of these systems comes into standard system of safety.

Principle of act of systems of safety.

The small set should provide flame indication, draft in дымопроводе, to be able to switch off a copper at an emergency.

Independent system of a heat supply: safety
The main method of safety — flame control. Let’s make out it in more detail. The mechanism of operation of automatic equipment in the most ordinary look is carried out so: after opening of the valve of supply of gas the torch is started. The main torch at розжиге is blocked by the machine gun. The forthcoming management of the valve is carried out either at the expense of the additional thermogenerator or at the expense of heating of thermocouples. Both in the first, and in the 2nd cases, the tension developed by devices gets on the electric gas valve. If the flame dies away, tension disappears and the valve blocks gas.

The subsequent threat — a system overheat. That him to warn system of heating are supplied with the pressure sensor. He keeps control of the circulating pump and in case of blocking, disconnects a copper.

The stop of a copper can lead to defrosting of water contours of the heatgenerator. To avoid this problem automatic protection against freezing will help. In case of decrease in temperature, this system without the aid of others includes a copper.

And the last function of protection — a broad fuel tank. It will help in this case when warm fuel will increase in volume.

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