Plastic tubas

Tubas or simply tubes represent unique and very comfortable rational packing, and the word "tubas" occurs from the British language and is translated not on another as a pipe.

Tubas consist of 4 bodies:

1. Cylinder flexible. It has the cylindrical form, one end of this cylinder is closed tightly, and the 2nd end has a special carving for a cap.

2. Tuba shoulder. Such shoulder represents a neck and a surface of a conic form adjacent to the neck, shoulders can have various color and a various design, from time to time the stamping is applied to this part of a tube by an ordinary foil

3. Tube cap. This means corking which can be screwed or put on a tube

4. Bushon. A special cover for a tube mouth

Now such delightful and effective single packing is considered a product of the modern world, but the tube history in fact totals already more than 170 years. In the middle of the 19th century of tubas it was for the first time patent and had then an appearance of an iron vessel used at first only for storage of different paints. Such tubas were carried out by Snachalo only from metal, but for example that metal as lead appeared not suitable because of toxicity and tin because of a nakladnost therefore tubas are carried out in the main thing only from aluminum. During the current time of a tuba are produced from plastic and from a laminate that became probable thanks to development of technology of receiving plastic which own unique multipurpose qualities. Plastic tubas are used in almost all most different branches, such as chemistry household, pharmacy, construction, also food branch. This unique effective packing is remarkable quality of storage and product realization, but not including it besides there is a possibility of dispensing of a product at its expression from the tube.

Also for representation for itself all contrast and an abundance of types and tube types, it is possible to use the Web, at all this it is quite easy to enter into search the phrase «subjects – packing» in the form of a tube. As a result the large quantity of websites, a photo and video of materials will be presented, it will be completely enough to realize what excellent packing these plastic (laminatny) tubas. If usual articles are necessary for people not less than 2500 symbols from trafikoobrazuyushchy websites which will provide you with appropriate and professional information of packing concerning that nuance as a tube for you, in the Web of such articles very much and strongly there is a lot of.

In the middle of that type of packings the special place is occupied by ekstruzionny plastic tubas which are carried out from cellophane of myagenky (PE), they look tidy nice and is applied to packing of the most different pastelike and geleobrazny materials. Registration external that packing from plastic has unique abilities, in other words a sketch can be put with silk-screen printing (4 types of paint) and offset way (8 types of paints). The next advantage of tubes from plastic this absence of strong deformations when using, in other words at contents expression from this packing occurs absorption of air and tubas gets the initial form. Such packings can be single-layered, also multilayer where the 2nd layer (EVOH) is barrier and protective that very essentially for pharmaceutics. The invention of that packing essentially expanded the market of different products in the most different areas, a tube it truly unique, very multipurpose convenient effective and rational packing.

Updated: 14 марта, 2016 — 5:23 дп