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Waterproofing construction for a country site

Waterproofing construction for a country site
Contrary to inveterate views that if construction is placed on a height, but it it is not necessary гидроизолировать, not very well what construction having a cellar, needs protection against waste and ground waters. Quite often, owners of buildings, are limited to a prokapyvaniye small ditches near the base. If the ditch is supplied with branch Continue reading

Corrosion-proof hilly pipes

In this article I wish to tell about a brand new type of a material which appeared in the market of sanitary products relatively not so long ago. Speech about the goffered pipes for water supply and heating from stainless steel will go.
Application of these pipes has a number of advantages on comparison to already usual pipes for us from metalplastic, Continue reading

Soldering of metalplastic pipes

Not so long since substituted starenky water pipes for the new metalplastic. The choice on plastic pipes fell not a case, in the first iron pipes expensive, have the smallest service life (on comparison with metalplastic), demand repeating painting, installation needs the qualified welder which work needs to be Continue reading

Application of various metal rolling at apartment renovation

It is heavy to present a modern complete repair in the apartment or construction suburban or a skyscraper without introduction of various metal rolling. Designs from metal are one of the most necessary types of products used in building industry, specifically thanks to such elements now there is a realization possibility even the most unique and non-standard Continue reading

My water supply system

I live in the personal house and till a nedavneshny time I had a never-ending discrepancy with water. Only just and it was necessary to take a bucket and to go with it on the street to a well behind water. In particular it it would not be desirable to do in crude weather and in the winter when on the street – 30°C.My water supply system

Here I also solved will get rid Continue reading

We replace a part of a plastic pipe

We replace a part of a plastic pipe
Plastic pipes connect in themselves relative low cost, reliability and a practicality. But it happens so that because of violations by production or poor-quality materials eventually, on pipes there can be so called "cones" – the surface bulks up, the foil is broken off. If to make nothing, it can lead to break in a pipe. The ordinary Continue reading

Distributing of pipes

Distributing of pipes
Distributing of pipes of a water supply system begins with installation of spherical cranes. The crane should be high-quality: to be able to maintain the highest pressure (60 atmospheres), the highest temperature (to 150-200 degrees on Celsius). In case of a leakage the spherical crane blocks water supply therefore if the crane not high-quality, Continue reading