Electrowelded pipes their feature and efficiency

Though what serious thorough repair, both in the apartment, and in any other room should begin with sanitary works, in other words from substitution or from restoration of all pipes and other bathroom equipment. Pipes for a water supply system and heating systems, also for the gas pipeline are used in the main thing electrowelded iron which are carried out according to standards of property and a certain accuracy of production. Such pipes from the iron leaf having a certain chemical unique structure become, that leaf is formed then when using special welding or a unique formovka. For the device of the pipeline the electrowelded pryamoshovny pipes made with application of carbonaceous, or low-alloyed special steel are used.

Electrowelded pipes their feature and efficiency
Izgotovka of such pipes becomes according to GOST 10705-80 and has usually a dimeter from 10 mm to 530 mm, the unique sizes and probable differences are installed according to GOST 10704-91. Pipes pryamoshovny happen thick-walled and thin-walled, also they can be without processing or processed thermally or are goryacheredutsirovanny. The material used for such pipes has characteristics of property A, B, B and D which are more carefully described here http://www.u-stal.ru/catalogue/tubing/cold-deform. Ordering of such pipes comprises four look which pipes to thickness of the wall, respectively 1 look it least 6 are defined by the relation of a dimeter external; the 2nd look from 6 to 12,5; 3rd look 12,5-40 and 4th look it more than 40.

The pipes covered with zinc are the most reliable and popular product in the modern market, such pipes are used as at industrial and civilian construction, for sanitary different works, and for the device of heating of constructions etc. Pipes electrowelded thanks to an otsinkovka will not be subject to ordinary corrosion therefore they are extensively used in areas having terrible and very adverse conditions. Such metalwork covered with zinc заржавевают approximately at 7-10 time less also is more sluggish than the ordinary pipes not covered with zinc. They also essentially cook easier, cut and formed, and their installation easier, successful and quick. Pipes electrowelded also can be unmeasured and measured length, also they happen 2 standards on an accuracy class, in other words 1 class it to removal of an agnail and with obrezky the ends and the 2nd class without a zatortsovka and processing. Such pipes truly very resistant and strong maintaining very strong highest tension and sharp differences of the pressure.

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