Protection against a freezing 15

In modern houses and apartments still there is one weak place. Weak, it proceeding from belief of a probable freezing. It is ventilation. Such it was possible to behold and in starenky houses where the compulsory supply and exhaust ventilation is not present and in mention. It is possible to remember Russian systems of ventilation, in my opinion, them in such type of steel to use from Khruschev’s series. The deflector there was in the form of the cylinder, but a bigger diameter, than a vent pipe. I do not remember, that from them brought down snow-white steam, but сосули on the deflector I remember perfectly.

Fig. 1. Natural ventilation.

Huge troubles наледь then did not cause, most likely the sizes of channels of ventilation allowed it to work even with сосулями and hoarfrost снутри. Now it is still more difficult. There was so called Swedish ventilating system. It is personal system for the air exchange organization in separate rooms. I contemplated them even in the VIP houses. Its device regulates a gap of the air intake is dependent on temperature of street air. As though everything is healthy. In fact not so. In a regular mode such system is absolutely blocked at negative temperatures. In the warm countries it can be and is normal, but the freshest air is necessary to us also in the winter therefore, the owner starts to regulate a gap, and it means that air exchange occurs and at a minus. That should lead to a freezing. To fight with it it is difficult, therefore, it is better not to use such systems.
In forced-air and exhaust systems against a freezing fight 2 methods. the 1st is to warm up air which will jump out on the street. So we have snow-white steam, as from a bath. For the personal house it is possible to use and a heating cable, and in huge systems use heaters. In fact, to call this method optimum it is not necessary, we simply heat the street. That is unprofitable, well and on other elements of a roof can be created наледь.

Protection against a freezing 15

Fig. 2. Freezing of a waste pipe.

More sure method, it to reduce humidity of thrown-out air, and then to heat up it it will be possible less. It in particular is excellent, if moisture ворачивается in a room, for example, when using a rotor recuperator.
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