Protection against a freezing 12

To readers of previous article could seem that I am the opponent of warming of pipelines. It at all so. Pipes are necessary for warming. And not only only on the street, and and in rooms. From time to time happens it is useful to have the warmed passable pipes of heating, somewhere in a cellar or a corridor. Such makary we reduce heatreturns, and means also costs for heating. Well also we do predicted and operated climate in the same cellar or a corridor. In the same way and for external pipelines, warming allows us to lower heatreturns, expenses, but, generally it does not protect from a freezing and a defrosting.

Protection against a freezing 12

Fig. 1. The heatisolated pipes.

For protection against freezing we can use the same, already familiar to us heating a cable. Types of applied cables of a vtochnost same, as well as at protection of a roof and drains: self-regulating and resistive. Such a cable absolutely not by all means to establish on all pipeline, it is usually enough to warm pipes in unsafe sites. In our example it is input in a bath.
Apparently on fig. 2. without considering a cable a pipe can have and a thermal insulation. Here thermoisolation will help us to save up the electric power at heating of a pipe and as to keep pipe temperature for certain time after cable shutdown. In other words, thermoisolation of pipes will act as the quite good assistant. The capacity of a heating cable can be in quite wide range. The material and type of pipes, a limit of the allocated capacity and even temper of operation of object can influence its choice. One business to support povsevremenno system in an efficient condition, absolutely another when not working system is necessary for bringing into a working condition, and is prompt better.

Protection against a freezing 12

Fig. 2. Heating of pipes.

When water will be transformed to ice, it extends. Therefore pipes, the same iron, will simply tear. But certain plastic pipes simply maintain such deformation. Therefore, even if they were chilled, enough them to warm, and the system becomes efficient. If you use, for example, a bath from time to time, it is completely possible to use this property of pipes. To put a cable is more powerful, then having promptly warmed them we restore water supply in a bath.
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