Protection against a freezing 14

We dealt with a ditch. There if it will be necessary heating installation, only pipes. In personal sewer systems, a septic tank and other, the heating of capacities is not required. The nature which when processing sewage allocates enough heat that anything at us did not freeze there works. However, to provide activity of microbes, special measures after all are taken. It is thermoisolation of capacities, well and they settle down usually underground. So generally anything else it is not required. Even in truly organized cesspool usually freezes nothing. But it in this case if the hole is organized truly if is not present, can happen everyone.

Protection against a freezing 14

Fig. 1. Heating of capacities.

And here, if capacities are used for other purposes moreover are on a surface, can be useful and heating. On fig. 1. just also the scheme of heating of such capacities is shown. Direct attention that the capacity bottom is warmed only. Such it is completely admissible, as we remember, warm liquid all the same will rise up. Usually it happens enough. Though it is possible to meet systems when the heating cable entangles all capacity. And, naturally, the capacity is usually equipped with cranes, so here, for the crane it is better to organize separate heating.
Not including already usual for us a heating cable for heating of capacities heating plates or mats can be used. Such system is shown on fig. 2. In principle, such system can be applied as temporary. There can be such situation when the capacity in a cool season is not used, and here, suddenly it was useful. It is completely possible to use that mat. Well, and when the need for heating will disappear, it can and be cleaned for the best safety.

Protection against a freezing 14

Fig. 2. Heating of a barrel.

The heating can be useful not only only to capacities in what there is a water. In the industry it there can be any waters, including brutal. Therefore, serious observance of a temperature mode is required. The similar situation can appear and in a household. For example, when the heating copper works at diesel fuel. And in frosts if the accumulative capacity is on the street, the heating can be useful.
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