Warming of pipes in the personal house

Winter season which all from us suppresses, in particular those who lives in houses or country houses. Cost is warm clearly that darling and consequently it is warmly necessary to keep, and that it is necessary to make it the best isolation, reliable warming of windows and doors etc. Such makary, in the market already everything is types of materials which allow to choose the best decision. Big discrepancy is freezing of pipes for drinking water at temperature below zero. It is the tragedy which passes in povsevremenno manned and absolutely heated structures, where temperature including снутри, passing. The same it is possible to tell and about houses in what for example the cellar and certain rooms are not heated continuously during winter time, not to mention country houses in what live only in target days. In the latter case, such practice, as plums of water absolutely is pertinent. This rather primitive decision, can here and there in pipes there is a water, which bezizbezhno промерзнет.http://poremontu.ru/blogs/GaricOdessa/penopolistirol-dlya-utepleniya-trub

The unique rescue which approaches in all options is installation повдоль the pipeline electronic heating, a heating cable.
In one and too time is investments which will pay off many times over. On the truth, the durability of heating cables essentially surpasses a krepkost of the actual strip from the iron pipes covered with zinc. Electricity consumption Warming of pipes in the personal house
capacities of heating cables are optimized and minimized for the account rather small. The temperature is corrected, it is possible to include only at temperatures close to freezing 2-3 ° C. In the rest of the time the heater is switched off.
The heating cable rather rigid and before installation is recommended to warm up it. It is dependent on option a cable usually fit in parallel повдоль pipes or having wrapped up a pipe им.http://poremontu.ru/questions-responses/uteplenie-pola-v-chastnom-dome

The subsequent operation is the covering of a heating cable on all its length with the help gluing together of a dural tape. In the market tapes in length of 50 m and width of 35-50 mm are on sale. It densely adjoins to a pipe, it does the problem, at first, that that reduces thermal radiations from heating parts in environment, and to reflect back in a pipe.

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