Protection against a freezing 13

In comments such system as emergency having merged is mentioned. Truly, such decision exists, and it is quite excellent. In general, this reception is applied very much long since. However, it is possible to note and a certain difference. Earlier, it was usually neotklonimy operation by preparation of a country or garden house for winter. Pipes then were iron, water supply systems summer therefore, preparation for winter was neotklonimy operation. And if such house used in the winter, water carried buckets.

Protection against a freezing 13

Fig. 1. Emergency having merged for heating systems.

Now all a little in a different way. Modern systems can track down temperature in rooms and when she achieves critical temperature, becomes water plums. Thus, it concerns not only only systems of water supply and heating systems. Such situation can appear never, and can appear few times during the winter. Therefore, there is a problem, to return systems, after elimination of the emergency precondition.
In most cases it concerns water supply systems. The heat-carrier at the correct filling in system of heating can not claim for additional operations. And here, with water supply systems everything is slightly more difficult. Without considering pipelines which are in perfectly heated rooms, still there are also inputs which are in a zone of vymerzaniye. And here the cable heating can be completely applied. With its help we can prepare such sites for operation.

Protection against a freezing 13

Fig. 2. Heating of the sewerage.

We said already earlier that the heating can be necessary, when it is necessary for us to merge thawed snow in a storm ditch. There it is completely possible to use cable heating. Thus, it can work not povsevremenno, I in coordination with system of heating of a roof and drains. As it can be useful to have possibility of heating of the independent sewerage. In regular criteria in capacities of that system temperature positive. And though we have no invariable stream, the temperature of drains sufficient to get from the house to capacities. But, when the length plum significant, a pipe can be cooled beforehand then there is a danger of education fly. The heating of this site becomes necessary.
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