Laying of isolation

Laying of isolation
Heatinsulating mats, plates, segments, fonts and all others for earlier formed insulating materials should be laid in one or pair of layers, their edges should adjoin densely to each other, and seams of each layer and boundaries should be as appropriate shifted by 2 layers. At detection of inevitable ruptures of a continuity in the laid material it is necessary to fill them with a material suitable applied type of isolation.

At installation the iron wire in width 0,8мм, покрытыя by zinc and otozhzhenny is used. Loops do of the steel covered with zinc 12×0,6мм or 18×0,6 mm and are installed at distance ~250мм or ~500мм from each other, is dependent on instructions of the Customer. The insulating material should be kept on a place by a metal wire or a metal tape.

Laying of isolation
The free ends of the iron wire holding on a place an izolyatsiionny material, should be densely braided, and their tips are overturned and hammered into isolation. Plaster furnish should be laboriously brought into accord: not to have hollows or ledges, on ability to repeat a form of a covered subject, and its surface should be laboriously ground. If two subjects for which one type of isolation and furnish is provided, are close, it is possible to finish them in common, from preparatory approval of the Customer.

If fastening of the equipment or the pipeline coincides with bandaging or a hoop, it is necessary to repeat bandaging or the tire to a descent before fastening and to a descent behind it.

Futerovka should be supplemented with appropriate compensatory seams. Isolation of branches on devices should be made from the same material and, on ability, have the same thickness that at devices; isolation should come to an end at such distance from flanges to allow easy access to bolts their removal.

Laying of isolation
Under no circumstances it is impossible to allow, that passport plates of devices with the indication of data on a design and tests appeared are closed by isolation or external furnish or any image damaged. If in a place of their arrangement it is impossible to tear off simply a covering, it is necessary to agree with the Customer with adoption of more comfortable decision.

The iron leaf used at a request for external furnish, is cut on a geometrical marking on sheets, sectors or profiles which fasten being self-cut screws, and the parts subject to vibrations – a hoop from stainless steel. Seams of a cover should be imposed in shape свеса for horizontal installation and against a wind for vertical installation; free edges should be фланцованы for strengthening.

In places of a rupture of a continuity of isolation – nearby from places of supporting profiles, a planked footway, hatches, viewing a dverok etc. – furnish should be made by means of a square template (mascherine di riquadro) from plates of the same thickness that a covering; at all this it is necessary to cover edges with suitable mastic.

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