With a guarantee!

With a guarantee!
Even buying production of the untwisted brands, we, to chagrin, are not always insured from a bad product. Here it is possible to carry both fakes, and a production defect and models which fail, slightly comes to the end guarantee period. In particular it is unpleasant, if it concerns the tool, after all it always breaks at the most inappropriate moment – at the height of work.

But the RIDGID company making the various tool for installation and service of pipelines, is so sure of quality of own products that provides on their termless guarantee. For example, such guarantee is given on all With a guarantee!
range of trumpet keys of "RIDGID".

In principle, this type of a product already earned good reputation in the middle of buyers. Let’s tell, the handle of such keys is capable to sustain huge loadings at the smallest weight. It is made of malleable cast iron, which is more flexible on comparison with foundry, and therefore the handle bends before breaking. The obvious signal that the tool is not calculated on such effort, will allow to keep to it "life".

Updated: 18 января, 2016 — 6:22 дп