Thermoisolation of pipes – materials and installation, a part 2

Thermoisolation of pipes - materials and installation, a part 2
Glass wool asks additional external insulators – rolled materials – roofing material, fiber glass fabric. It, in turn, can lead to additional temporary and material expenses. It is necessary to see that additional insulators are often included in a set of glass wool.

Basalt heat insulators or «basalt fiber» are quite good that at their laying is not required special trays. A clear advantage – successful cylinder installation. But also their price is not absolutely democratic. The integumentary layer is presented either folgoizoly, or pergaminy, or roofing material. For installation of the cylinder it is not required any special abilities.

Thermoisolation of pipes - materials and installation, a part 2
Expanded polystyrene (it is polyfoam) – often meeting heat insulator for independent use. Heatinsulating shells can be applied and with an external covering, and without it. The heat insulator does not ask laying of trays but if the condition требы is near-critical, they are better for laying. This type can be used multilaterally. Operational properties of expanded polystyrene correspond to the necessary standards for warming of pipes, both outside, and indoors.

Installation of a heatinsulating penopolistirolovy shell is carried out simply, does not ask additional abilities. Halves of shells, put on pipes, fixing an adhesive tape.

Thermoisolation of pipes - materials and installation, a part 2
If you use a protective superficial material for warming, it is necessary to make it installation. In a place of an adjunction of shells it is possible to glue in addition an adhesive tape. For turns and knots of the pipeline use the shaped shells selected personally in coordination with the size of a pipe.

Dismantle of heatinsulating shells create in a turnaround order after that shells can be applied again.

All types of heatinsulating materials, despite of distinctions, have one principle of act – air represents itself as a heat insulator.

All works on thermoisolation of pipes are most ideal for carrying out in the summer then in the winter of troubles with heating will not arise precisely.

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