Only without hands! Electric mixers

Modern mixers evenly become more and more "advanced". It it is possible to tell as about their exterior which does the ordinary mixer by an elegant and stylish thing, and about technical properties.

Now extensive distribution is received by electric mixers. Perhaps, it not on a habit, but the similar cranes which are not demanding a touch of hands, own a number of pluses. It is possible to carry a gigiyenichnost and reduction of a consumption of water to them.

The recognizable European brand of "Grohe" offers a novelty – a series of electric Cosmopolitan mixers. Both models of a series, «EUROECO Cosmopolitan E»Only without hands! Electric mixers
and «EUROSMART Cosmopolitan E», differ modern minimalist design and existence of infra-red sensors which, actually, and are responsible for inclusion and water switching off.

In the EUROECO model start of the hot, cool or beforehand mixed water is probable automatic. And here the EUROSMART mixer is in addition provided with the handle of adjustment of water temperature. However, each time to adjust temperature unessentially, it is possible to make it and by means of the internal regulator hidden in the case of the crane under a decorative cap.

Obviously, a food is necessary for an electric interior. It can be carried out or from a network, or means of a battery of 6 V.Novinki it will be possible to behold in collections of such companies as «Varion» (Our homeland), «Tivoli Premium» (China) or «Roca» (Spain).

Updated: 16 октября, 2015 — 12:02 пп