Liner and loop wings with the joystick

Liner and loop wings with the joystick
Modern designers pay bolshushchy attention to external shape such, apparently, purely convenient things, as bathroom equipment subjects. Often «under distribution» mixers which sometimes can be taken for art objects, but in any way for ordinary cranes get. And when the fascinating and nice design goes in привесок to functionality and reliability, and it is impossible to long for the best.

Here, for example, the Teuco company let out not so long ago the newest line of mixers for a bath and a sink under «Skidoo» title. In principle, they own quite classical outlines – lifting, having given vent, adjusting handles… But to call their obvious simply language does not turn! The streamline shape remembers about a liner wing, than about the ordinary crane more, and brilliant brilliant furnish does models picturesque without any additional decorative shifts. By the way, on certain mixers of this series of the handle for adjustment Liner and loop wings with the joystick
of a pressure of water are placed very extraordinary, well and design at their unusual — in the form of the switch.

For those who does not find voobshchy any compromises and prefers elegant non-trivial things in a counterbalance usual, there is other collection of mixers: «Philo» from «Rubinetterie Treemme». Here плавненько bent having given vent it is executed in the form of a loop, and the temperature and a pressure of water are regulated by the ridiculous joystick. Yes, to a descent also you will not tell that it only the crane. Besides models are presented in various tones: traditional chrome with color inserts or opaque furnish of a dark and snow-white color.

Updated: 25 февраля, 2016 — 6:27 дп