Mixers on though what taste

The gratefulness of morning washing, and convenience depends on the high-quality mixer also when washing ware, and comfort at shower acceptance. Naturally, it is most important technical properties of bathroom equipment and external shape plays large role. And therefore in particular it is pleasant, when all mixers in the house are sustained in uniform style.

The Bulgarian company "Vidima" represents the latest collection of Seva Fresh mixers in what there are models on all a life case. In total mixers nine, from their three are created for the kitchen, three more – for the shower, two mixers will take a worthy place on a wash basin in a bathroom, and the last is required to owners of a bidet.

All models have the modern bright design expressed in usual, but together with that unusual forms of cranes, shower watering cans and regulators of a pressure of water. Mixers on though what taste
Novelties are made of food brass, thus the case cast that does mixers more reliable and long-term.

As to other lines of "Seva Fresh" then it should be noted existence of 2 modern devices. the 1st of them, «CLICK», allows to lower a consumption of water on 50 %, the 2nd, «HWTC», the water temperature limiter that will help to avoid burns represents. Not including that, many models are supplied with an aerator. Important quality is also very usual system of fastening which does mixer installation quick and easy.

The price of novelties is various: from 2 to 3,7 тыщ rubles approximately.

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