Types of mixers

Types of mixers
Usually, in the apartment or the personal house we are established mixers of the 2nd types (on ordering) – for a sink or a sink and for a bath.

The mixer for a sink has only one having given vent for water – bottom or top. Such mixers are created for washing of ware and hands. Mixers for a bath have more difficult configuration and the toggle-switch at least on 2 излива for filling and a shower.

"Gusek" for filling can be rotary or fixed, and to be used at once for a sink and a bath. Mixers in turn can be rotary (one mixer) and steam rooms – two mixers – on a sink and a bath.

On constructive qualities mixers share on 2 main look – ventilny and spherical.

Types of mixers
The Ventilny mixer – the ancient, perfectly proved development. Water supply is regulated by screws-kranbuksy. Кранбукс it is reliable, easy-to-work and consists of modular replaced parts – in case of damage it is possible to change the laying, not all mixer. Kranbuksa are undemanding and perfectly work at though what degree of a zasoleniye and water pollution.

The spherical mixer represents the high and very young technology. In such mixers water supply regulate, position of the handle in the 2nd planes. Across the ratio between volumes of supply of cool and hot water is regulated, down regulate a water pressure. This type of mixers slightly to pollution and the content in lime water; eventually, the working surface of teflon laying and a sphere collapses, and the mixer starts to lose ease at rotation. Rubbing parts and elements of the mixer have small level of interchangeability; most likely, at repair, it is necessary to change completely all device.

Types of mixers
Mixers share on two-lever — dvukhzakhvatny, and one-lever — odnozakhvatny. In dvukhzakhvatny mixers temperature and volumes of supply of cool and hot water regulate separately by means of 2 cranes.

On fastening types, mixers share on established and wall. In some cases the mixer can be delivered together with a bathroom and a shower cabin.

Mixers, in the course of use, test strong working loading – in some 10-ov тыщ cycles. Degree of wear of the household mixer is comparable with brakes and spherical support of the car. Therefore, choosing the mixer, it is necessary to take the most good-quality model.

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