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There will be a water pleasant always!

There will be a water pleasant always!
At the time of when mixers were only with 2 handles for the cool and hot water, everyone tested experience of a long option of the necessary temperature for this purpose to take a bath or a shower. This even more opposite occupation if at you something occupied or stained hands …. With the invention of one-lever cranes everything became much simpler. Continue reading

Economy – twice

Economy - twice
Evenly economical mixers which allow to lower a consumption of water considerably enter into a fashion. But such models are usually expensive, and the regulator of a consumption of water can become even more profitable option.

The NEOPERL company brings to your attention two new models of regulators – for a shower and for the mixer with an Continue reading

Both it is simple, and it is difficult. But always –

are esthetic

Both it is simple, and it is difficult. But always -
Doing repair in a bathroom, it is worth to remember and about substitution of mixers. Now there is a large quantity of the most various models, certain from which are more similar to works of art, than on obvious cranes. But if you do not wish to arrange all an interior under the mixer, we advise to direct your attention to more Continue reading

Water – stop!

Water – stop!
Strongly much we speak about economy: electric power, water and so forth. It at present is burning more than ever. Therefore it is not magnificent that in our life there are devices which simplify to the earth population an economy problem.

One more adaptation for economy of water by means of the mixer under the title Water&Time appeared Continue reading

Mother, look – the crane polomaty …

Mother, look – the crane polomaty …
The Italian designers again strike us with the protozoa, but, at the same time, a unique delicacy. They managed to make original advantage of a construction defect – these properties concern the dvukhventilny Fold mixer mixer from the Flaminia collection.

The sanitary equipment has the unusual bent, seemingly broken form of the crane. Trimmed Continue reading

Only without hands! Electric mixers

Modern mixers evenly become more and more "advanced". It it is possible to tell as about their exterior which does the ordinary mixer by an elegant and stylish thing, and about technical properties.

Now extensive distribution is received by electric mixers. Perhaps, it not on a habit, but the similar cranes which are not demanding a Continue reading

The mixer, comes from a rainbow

Such useful invention as the mixer, was thought up at the end of H_H of an eyelid, in the middle XX it was запатентирован, and presently uses mass demand and is issued bolshenny parties and in the most various options. There are one-lever, mixers to 2 gates, thermostats. Also they share and on a method монтаThe mixer, comes from a rainbow
жа and designs. Often them I establish Continue reading

Mixers on though what taste

The gratefulness of morning washing, and convenience depends on the high-quality mixer also when washing ware, and comfort at shower acceptance. Naturally, it is most important technical properties of bathroom equipment and external shape plays large role. And therefore in particular it is pleasant, when all mixers in the house are sustained in uniform Continue reading

Esthetics and comfort – new models of mixers

Esthetics and comfort – new models of mixers
We decorate the houses with the most various methods, but at all this for some reason or other often we forget about things which we use every day. For example, kitchen mixer. Who said, what its external shape is least important, than a type of a clay tile on an apron, either kitchen set, or curtains at a window? Try to count, how many time during Continue reading