Drainage pipes

Drainage pipes
Elastic drainage pipes from cellophane intend for creation of operating systems of a drainage. It is the branched-out network of the pipes, the connected boundaries itself and placed near the constructions, protected from water act. Small stones perfectly protects structures or earth sites from lifting of ground waters during the spring-autumn periods, protects from act of excessive water, also for strengthening of a road covering in criteria of a heat and avoidance of its probable sag.

The most popular in the middle of drainage pipes is the plastic tube of 63 mm which in most cases use for drainage of sites. Such pipe is supplied with a network of malekhanky openings (punching) which are located on its walls. More effective place of use of this pipe, the sites, differing the highest level of ground waters or in the places being in lowlands are. Also it use in construction of cellars, underground garages or the modern constructions equipped with a ground floor.

Drainage pipes
One of effective measures on creation of local assignment of water is, now, introduction of drainage pipes for protection of constructions from excessive influence of water and drainage of sites. At all this when pipes stack in a trench for creation of system of a horizontal drainage, the plastic tube of 63 mm is in most cases used.

System pluses:

to stack pipes it is authorized on depth to 8 m;

drainage pipes are very ordinary at installation and presence of small equipment demand;

sufficient ease of pipes allows to lay down and transport them without excessive efforts;

Own an impracticability to a zarastaniye;

own quite good elasticity.

Drainage pipes
Drainage pipes together with geotextiles can perfectly protect all drainage system from soil hit in it. Дорнит (geotextiles material) perfectly passes water, at all this holding the smallest parts of soil.

Taking in attention all these pluses, elastic drainage pipes from cellophane became very popular in the market of drainage systems. Now by means of them very effective drainage networks, differing are created by functionality and special quality that allows to prolong terms of their forthcoming operation essentially.

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