Drain hole with a modulation

Owners of personal houses from time to time face need of cleaning of drain holes, usually for these purposes cause the special car. Usually drain hole represents a hole imposed with a brick or concrete rings, and not so long ago stopped to build a drain hole with a modulation.

The essence of the device of work of that hole that it is broken into two parts, in the ode from which is got a drain pipe. the 1st part of a hole after filling to a certain level, through windows for a modulation gives to the second part. Such makary, all languid waste remains in the first office, watery flows in the second part.

In the 2nd part of a hole special windows for this purpose are placed that liquid could be absorbed in soil. Such device of a drain hole allows more rare to clear it.

On a photo. The hole is dug out by the excavator, in the left lower part the drain pipe is placed.

Drain hole with a modulation

For копки soil the excavator was employed as to dig manually is very long and some people, for soil lifting from a hole are necessary. As a material for walls of a hole the brick of the second grade served. This brick does not differ a correctness of geometrical forms, its cost quite low, in a word all conditions for construction of a drain hole.

On a photo. A drain hole imposed with a brick, on an average wall of a window for a modulation.

Drain hole with a modulation

Separate attention wished to direct on solution for a laying. As ordinary cement and sand solution in such criteria will be promptly washed away and collapse, in solution added elimination (small fraction) and snow-white sand without clay impurity. That solution has the highest krepkost on compression and will serve longer. Solution proportions the subsequent: 1 cements, 3 sand, 3 eliminations.

As in process копки holes reached to dense (clay слоёв soil), the base under walls of a hole was not arranged – the laying was made directly on soil.

As overlapping for a hole it was planned to use ferro-concrete hollow plates therefore face walls gave all the best in 1,5 bricks, and longitudinal in 1 brick. Such thickness of walls is completely capable to bear weight of plates, without danger of a collapse.

For the device of windows of a modulation used iron corners, with a shelf 7см.

On a photo. The hole is blocked by plates, it was necessary to cut down an opening for the hatch.

Drain hole with a modulation

Upon termination of a laying, the crane laid overlapping plates after that in a plate over the first part of a hole made an opening for installation of the standard sewer hatch. Following the results of work the total amount of a hole made 80 m3 that will allow to use its long period without service.

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