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With New 2012!

Dear readers, I congratulate you on New 2012! I wish this year of health, the world and happiness! Our health is in dependence from existence and property of ordinary water. Moreover, water besides comfort that it was possible to bathe in the pool or to take a shower it not from option to a case, and not in coordination with councils of all health Continue reading

Exhibition in Khabarovsk: modern town planning

In September of the current year in Khabarovsk to Expootsentra the specialist an exhibition «STROYEKSPO DV 2012» on which production of the companies of a construction orientation, innovatorsky technologies, the equipment and the equipment created for all sectors of building industry, repair and branches adjacent to them will be presented will develop Continue reading

Treatment facilities, mechanical and bio cleaning

Treatment facilities for dachas and the whole settlements, also for cleaning of sewage from the industrial companies are comprised by the whole difficult unique complex of different actions. Such clarification and removal of respective pollution charmingly comprises such stages of cleaning as mechanical, bio processing, physical and chemical, also Continue reading