Independent ditch

Independent ditch
Though, the suburban house has mass of advantages, its existence pulls certain difficulties which are connected with installation of system of the independent sewerage. In the majority modern cottage settlements long since there are central sources of an electricity, but the city system of the sewerage there usually does not reach. The reason of that situation consists that the device of the real clearing system manages to the state very expensively. Not including that, modern system of the independent sewerage own advantages, on comparison to the central treatment facilities.

Advantages of system:

1. Possibility of the independent device, simplicity of operation and service;

2. It is comparable the low price of installation.

3. Modern systems actually do not need services of professionals in cleaning of cesspools;

4. New technologies of cleaning of sewage, allow to observe all sanitary municipal standards;

Independent ditch
Installation of the independent sewerage.

It is necessary for descent to note that to installation it is necessary more than a responsible approach. If you have no experience it is not necessary even to undertake it, on another consequences can be pitiable.

Establish system of the independent sewerage can to be on though what district, and on any type of soil. On its installation placement of sources of underground waters does not influence. But here sewage which pass through sewerage system, have the highest chemical activity at the expense of various pressure as a result of what pipes are damaged. Therefore, establishing an independent ditch, quality of pipes, siphons and ladders matters. Now, for the sewerage use sewer pipes and a fitting from polypropylene, polyvinylchloride and cellophane. For the internal sewerage, sewer pipes and a fitting, also, siphons and ladders from polypropylene, and are suitable for the external sewerage – from cellophane and polyvinylchloride.

Independent ditch
Though on purchase of the equipment, sewer pipes and a fitting, siphons and ladders for the independent sewerage, at first it is necessary to be spent, in the course of use, its installation will very promptly pay off.

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